Layla | Birth

It was Layla's due date. I was sitting in between dance classes for my girls and heard the loud text tone I had set (my apologies to those around me in the weeks before a birth.. but this is the on call life. :) ) They were headed to the hospital for an induction! Her doctor gave her the "this will be all night and even go into the next night speech". But I actually got my first progress text just a few hours later. A couple hours after that, already 5 cm! Days before we had told Layla that Wednesday and Thursday looked nice for weather, I guess she listened. I arrived at the hospital at a little after 1 AM. Casie labored in a room full of love and excitement. She was such a natural. After just 12 mins of pushing, Layla Christy made her big debut at 5:51. 

Ill never forget all the beautiful words her mama declared moments after Layla's arrival. "I did it" "I love her SO much" "I prayed for you"

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