The birth of a child is one of the most important, life changing experiences you will ever have. The anticipation in the hours before. The sweat. The tears. Your unbelievable strength. The encouragement. The hands you hold. Your power. Your triumph. Your baby's first breath. Their first cry. The moment they are placed into your arms. Their smell. Their breath on your chest. The first time you lock eyes. Falling in love all over again.

Choosing to hire a birth photographer is choosing to never forget.

"I cannot thank our birth photographer enough. She not only was able to capture the essence of the day Charley entered the world but she was also a great help to me and my husband during our birthing time. She was such a positive presence, offering words of encouragement when things got tough, a wet washcloth for my head, giving counter pressure on by back during pressure waves and timing pressure waves. We are beyond grateful that we chose to hire her to capture the birth of our daughter."

-Ashley C.

"Heather is by far the most talented in the business! Choosing Heather to be a part of our journey was by far the best decision we’ve ever made. She truly was more than just a photographer in the delivery room - running for ice, offering a wash cloth, checking in at the nurses station.. the list goes on! When it came time to deliver you never would have known she was there taking photos, yet the moments she captures were truly so priceless. She didn’t miss a beat!"

-Casie H.



When should I book? Since due dates are only an estimate, I can only accept a limited number of clients. My birth sessions are typical booked 5+ months in advance.

What if I go into labor at 2am? I am on call 24/7 in the weeks surrounding your due date.. Call me! Even if the contractions are mild, I would rather have enough notice and be ready to go.

How long are you there for? I am typically there from active labor - about an hour after the baby arrives. 

Do you use flash? I do not use flash while documenting a birth. I try to make myself as inconspicuous as possible. 

Do I need to talk to my doctor about having you there? I highly recommend talking to your doctor about wanting to hire a birth photographer. In most cases, it is not an issue. However, some hospitals do have restrictions as far as what is allowed to be photographed. 

What do you charge? My birth coverage starts at $900. I also offer discounted baby plans if you are interested in maternity/newborn photos as well. Contact me for specific collection information.

Do you offer payment plans? A $300 deposit is required to book your due date. We can then set up an online schedule for weekly or monthly payments.