Waylon | Birth

There was something about this birth that really struck a chord for me. It may have been the way I watched Joe dote upon Morgan as she labored for hours upon hours. Or the fact that they had waited 4 years for this moment. Then listening to Morgan’s mom choking up as she prayed over the labor and the three of them, I almost lost it. It felt like a little glimpse into the future. The moments I hope to share with my own daughters some day. Here are a few of my favorite images from this beautiful experience.

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CNY Birth Photographer | Levi

I texted Katie around 3:30 on Tuesday to check in with her, as she was due in only a few days. Her response was just that there was nothing new, she was feeling the same. Well.. only a couple of hours later.. Katie - "Ok so turns out I'm pretty sure my water just broke." (yay! baby time!) So that night I slept with my phone inches from my face with the most obnoxious ringtone set. Katie was kind enough to let me get a full night of sleep and even have coffee in the morning before heading to the hospital ;) 

When I arrived at about 10AM. I walked in to an amazing atmosphere. Katie was accompanied by her husband, mother and sister. They were so attentive. They watched for contractions to start coming down, told her how great she was doing, rubbed her back, massaged pressure points. I'm telling you - she had an incredible birth team. The focus in that room was fully on Katie and the sweet, beautiful boy she was about to bring into the world. Welcome baby Levi<3

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