I can not say enough about Light of Mine Newborn Photography and the incredible job Heather did with our little princess today. I must have said a dozen times during our session today that she's clearly proven that being an amazing photographer is not REMOTELY equivalent to being an amazing *newborn* photographer. Her specialized abilities, equipment, props, and ideas are absolutely out of this world.

......not to mention that she has the patience of a saint :)

-Gary Johnson


I cannot thank our birth photographer enough. She not only was able to capture the essence of the day Charley entered the world but she was also a great help to me and my husband during our birthing time. She was such a positive presence, offering words of encouragement when things got tough, a wet washcloth for my head, giving counter pressure on by back during pressure waves and timing pressure waves. We are beyond grateful that we chose to hire her to capture the birth of our daughter.

-Ashley Cary




Most amazing experience ever! Heather captured the most amazing/intimate moments of our son meeting his baby sister and also capturing the first time the grandparents met their granddaughter. We can never thank Heather enough for all she did for us and helping us keep these memories forever.

-Rebecca Choquette

I truly can say without a shadow of a doubt that Heather is a truly talented "artist" in all sense of the word. When you become a client of Light of Mine Photography (for me personally the Newborn) you are treated to an amazing experience. Heather made my maternity and newborn sessions a memorable and touching lifelong memory. Her ability to see and create moments that are special and unique is a wonderful gift. She is patient, cooperative, and accepting of all needs/ideas and along with her flexibility this makes her a professional and amazing photographer. Thanks to Light of Mine Newborn Photography I have some of the most gorgeous and fantastic photographs of myself and my daughter that I will cherish for ever!

-Marissa Walter

I honestly can't say enough positive things about Heather. I had never met her before, but saw her work through FB and was amazed. I contacted her and scheduling was so simple, and she was open to suggestions on location for the shoot. I had never taken solo photos before and being mine was a maternity session, I was at the fattest point and not feeing so "beautiful" or confident. During the shoot it was so easy to talk to her, she got a feel for me as a person and what I loved most about her is she would tell me to change my position or hair or smile if it didn't look right. Not all photographers do that. I love that she tells me if my dress is off or if something needs adjustment she will say something or come fix it so the pic turns out the best. Her eye for artistic looks outside is incredible and her knack for talking to people and being able to capture just what they want is sheer perfection. She is worth every penny she charges and more.

-Jennifer Miick