Cora | Birth

Mary and Keelan went 42 weeks before meeting this miracle baby. But that doesn’t even compare to how long they waited to know one was on the way. They called this unknown gender baby “baby bacon”. As previous vegetarians they we're encouraged by their fertility doctor to try the Keto diet before starting treatment. After a month, they were pregnant! This story just blows my mind. And while they may be on strike from ever eating bacon again, I’m sure they can agree it was worth the try!

The room was full of tears as dad caught his own baby and announced that they had a little girl. This was seriously the best way I can think of to have ended 2018. Thank you Mary and Keelan for choosing me to document this life changing moment for you guys. Cora is perfect.

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CNY Birth Photography | Lincoln

I had the absolute honor of standing beside my best friend as she welcomed this beautiful boy into the world. Her contractions started around 2:30 and Lincoln took his first breath almost exactly 4 hours later. She labored beautifully, quickly and quietly. My heart is full, my ovaries are slightly aching, and I am SO excited to have a new baby to snuggle. (and shamelessly smell lol )

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CNY Birth Photography | Charley

Ashley labored SO beautifully. She chose a natural birth and delivered at St. Joseph's Hospital in the Birth Center. The room was filled with such positive energy. From Ashley, her husband and her nurse. She breathed through her contractions whispering words of serenity. Peace.. Relax.. She used hypnobirthing - which from what I understand was a playlist of positive affirmation she played on her phone. Her husband was so supportive. He held her hand in-between 'pressure waves' (the positive spin on contractions), massaged her through the back labor. And in the moments she was unsure if she could get through this, he reminded her of how incredibly strong she was. When it came time to push, she did so with graceful, quiet power. Only 20 mins after beginning she gave birth to their beautiful baby girl, Charley Ann. She is perfect, and already so loved. What a wonderful addition to a wonderful family. 

If you are looking for a CNY (Syracuse, Rome, Oneida, Watertown, Camden and surrounding areas) Birth Photography session - Inquire Here!