Fresh 48 - Ava

I was contacted a few months ago by Heather. She told me she had seen a previous birth / fresh 48 session I had done and that it was exactly what she was looking for. A few conversations later and she decided to hire me to document her upcoming arrival. We kept in touch throughout the remainder of her pregnancy. Heather would text me after appointments to let me know how things were progressing.

38 weeks - feeling good and braxton hick contractions were starting.

39 weeks - getting very excited!

40 weeks - Feeling great but nothing yet.

41 weeks - Induction scheduled!

Turns out baby was quite comfortable. Though I’m sure mom and dad wouldn’t have minded being introduced to their little one a bit sooner, the scheduled induction was handy for me. I was traveling about 5 hours and being able to plan a date ahead of time was nice. My husband was even able to accompany me during the trip (in other words he was my chauffeur.. driving in unfamiliar areas isn’t really my thing :p) I got to Paoli hospital a couple of hours before the birth. The gender was a unknown. I couldn’t wait to find out and meet the THREE of them! I sat in the waiting room watching my phone intently. Finally a text from Nathan! Baby was born! I headed up to room 225. 


I am honored to have been the person chosen to capture such a special day. This little one is so loved, and has already brought an amazing amount much joy into this family. Heather and Nathan have been trying to conceive for years, and they both agreed that this beauty was so worth the wait! <3